Okay, now that we’re talking seriously, I’ll respond seriously. If you think of any human endeavor, regardless of whether it’s a profession, self improvement, the arts or sports, the quest for excellence is pursued by only a small number of people, and attained by an even smaller group.

Think how many screwed up people there are (everyone). Then think about the percentage of them who have the self awareness that they’re screwed up, the desire to improve and the humility to look for something outside themselves (mentor, coach, therapist, religion, etc.) to learn how to improve.

And the tiny group who seek counseling may still not put new found wisdom into practice. Nobody can change until they’re ready to change, so you can’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

All you can do is to work on yourself. Follow your path. And ignore 99% of the crap around you, because that’s all it is. The same can be said for the crap inside of each of us: expectations, comparisons, and most negative emotions. They are all temporary illusions.

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