One of my biggest interests was computers back in the stone ages when I was at UCLA. I learned to create simple programs in a bunch of languages. When I finally stumbled into the world of graphic design I rode that wave for over 20 years. My biggest regret was not being willing to start over and learn to program back in the late 90s where you could charge a ton of money for a page with a rotating cube.

I can do a lot of design stuff using CSS and HTML 5, but I still need my son (a mechanical engineer who has dabbled in programming) to work out a lot of the problems with the code that go beyond my limited understanding. It’s usually something really basic that could be accomplished in five different ways. I go through tutorials for a couple of hours, and find that the problem with the code doesn’t relate to four methods that I have figured out.

So I call my son, and usually he finds the fifth way in what seems like a minute, which leaves me feeling like a double idiot — once for not hanging in there long enough to find the fifth method, and a second time for wasting two hours before calling him on something that he found so easily.

There’s no reason I shouldn’t just go through the manual and learn to code properly . I did it when I was younger, learning other skills. It’s just a side effect of being old, lazy and stubborn.

Have you looked at WordPress? You can usually find a free theme that will still the entire site for you. Once you learn how to structure the pages and menus it’s basically like posting stuff on facebook: upload a picture and then type in a description.

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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