Over the last six years, we have seen Dany follow her own strict moral code, which includes some amazing Michael Corleone-level shit*:


  1. Ask for what you want

If Danerys operates in her normal way and uses her powers and skills, she will do the following:

  1. Ride her dragons to King’s Landing to reconnoiter the situation

Ending the central story line twelve episodes early.

But that would be too logical, and this is Game of Thrones, so expect something as ridiculous as keeping a sacred promise to your dead sister by “hiding” the rightful heir of the Iron Throne at the Wall where he has to renounce all his worldly rights and probably get killed by the cold, the Wildlings, the White Walkers, or Alistair Thorne (yes, I’m looking at you, Ned, you idiot).

So, what would be the most ridiculous and arbitrary way to keep the show going and begin to tie up the two main story lines?

And for the win, Kate Knibbs with Aunt on Nephew incest!

*FUN NOTES: In the beginning, the shock and awe was only a bunch of idle threats, but as she has evolved and learned how to use her power, Dany has done the following:

#1 Strike a surprisingly bad bargain with the Slavemaster at Astapor, which freaks out Jorah and Ser Berristan.

Then break all the rules (Missandei: “Valar Morghulis” Danerys: “All men must die, but we are not men.”) while serving up fiery platters of justice.

#2 Allow Daario to make mince meet of Mereen’s champion at the city walls, shame the masters, then deliver a “heavy” message to the slaves (barrels full of broken chains — talk about the most powerful direct mail promo piece ever!)

#3 Replay the script from Astapor, with the unsuspecting Khals at Vaes Dothrak verbally dumping on her until she “fires” back (the unwritten meaning of “corporate restructuring”).

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