People will always remember that horrible non-call because of the game situation and ignore everything else about that game.

The Rams had two potential touchdown drives taken away by no-calls, a freak communications equipment problem where Goff couldn’t hear the play call on the first two drives of the game, and still dominated the game from the second quarter through the overtime. They outscored the Saints 26–10 and outgained them 363–165 during the last 48:13 of game play.

On the other hand, New England would not be in the Super Bowl without a penalty call (that had no effect on the play) on the interception that would have ended the game in regulation.

If we’re going to look at penalties, we should look at how the infraction affects the outcome of the play.

PI non-calls: Robey-Coleman’s infraction wins the game for the Saints; New England’s on Cooks ties the game for the Rams.

Holding non-call: at the point of attack on Michel’s run from the New England 5 on their last drive. Would have created a 2nd and 11 at the Patriots 3 yard line.

Holding call: a bogus call (according to announcers) on the Rams’ center on a play far from the point of attack, which would have given the Rams a first down at the New England 44 with 11:31 in the 4th quarter and the score tied.

The Patriots got the majority of the calls in the Super Bowl, but I put 95% of the game’s outcome on the horrific games by Goff, Gurley and McVay. If they didn’t choke, this could have been a blowout for the Rams.

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