Nothing speaks more ill of the dead than their record while alive.

In addition to all your thoughts on Scalia harming thousands of lives, here are some of the highlights of a man who showed the utmost respect to legal precedent and the Constitution, unless it didn’t suit his partisan beliefs:

  1. Bush v Gore: the conservative majority perverted the equal protection act to protect the votes of the rich communities that had working technology at the expense of all the legal votes by poorer voters forced to use older, inferior technology.
    Vincent Bugliosi wrote a book about the decision, calling it the “Betrayal of America,” and said “No technical crime was committed by the five conservative Justices… only because no Congress ever dreamed of enacting a statute making it a crime to steal a presidential election.”
  2. Citizens United: allowed unlimited contributions by SuperPACs, with no transparency and corrupting our election process beyond recognition.
  3. Hobby Lobby: exempting private businesses from certain laws on religious grounds, opening up a pandora’s box of problems
  4. His refusal to recuse himself from hearing the Cheney v USDC case on secret meetings with energy industry CEOs that formed policy detrimental to consumers

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