See above comment “famous last words.”

San Diego missed three conversions and a field goal. They should have been up 31–10 with 6:44 to go, and they did it on the road.

Seattle played one close game at home against the Rams with the help of two interceptions (one at the Seattle 2 yard line) and a missed extra point. The Rams outgained Seattle by almost 100 yards, had 10 extra first downs and ran 8 more total plays.

The Rams were stung by a bad game in New Orleans, and Sean McVay won’t make the same mistakes he made last week.

The Rams defense looked bad against New Orleans, but the Saints have the best offense in football. Seattle will get a couple of big plays, but I think this is going to be a statement game by the Rams.

If the turnover battle is even, the Rams will win by two touchdowns. If the Rams get an early lead, or win the turnover battle, they will serve up roast seahawk for an early Thanksgiving dinnner.

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