Sorry for the rant, but I hate this quote because of everything it represents about the lies and failures of the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld team. If you knew someone in the military who was maimed or killed in Itaq, you might not toss this quote around just to add some filler to an article.

Even worse, the statement isn’t correct.

In the NBA, like the Pentagon, when you know when the season will begin, you actually get to choose the team you want. The only problem is when you have an arrogant, incompetent a-hole in power who chooses the wrong strategy, can’t evaluate talent and won’t make the financial sacrifices to make sure the team is properly equiped.

Fans may hate David Khan, Jimmy Buss, and James Dolan, but at least they never got thousands of our soldiers killed for no other reason than being too cheap to buy kevlar vests and properly armor the vehicles that went into Iraq and philosophically opposed putting a large enough force on the ground to maintain the domestic stability.

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