Sorry, Jon, you used the wrong example in trying to make your point about music. There’s a huge difference between doing your thing as an up and coming star in a crappy environment and sucking at what you do.

The Beatles were already pretty good when they played those shitty clubs in Hamburg. I found these three songs were written before 1960:

“I’ll Follow the Sun” was written in 1959.

“A World without Love” was written by McCartney as a teenager and became a U.S. #1 hit for Peter & Gordon.

“Hello Little Girl,” written in 1957, made the top ten in the UK in 1963.

For the vast majority of musicians, the Beatles throw aways would have been a memorable career.

If the Beatles didn’t meet Brian Epstein and work with the brilliant George Martin, maybe they wouldn’t have made the big time, in spite of their genius potential in those days.

Comparing yourself to anyone is a huge mistake. All anyone can do is focus on becoming the best they can be. Everything else is external bullshit outside of our control.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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