I appreciate the thought, but I have to ask:

Is there any metric that would justify putting me in the same sentence with the description “bigger names on Medium?”

I will now try to find a single data point to substantiate your argument, and, in doing so, decide which one of us has the bigger name on Medium:

  1. Greatest number of followers: You
  2. Most fans for an article: You (by a mile)
  3. Most popular writing topic: You (dating beats ranting by a mile)
  4. Age demographic: You (but not for long — ageism is rampant at Medium, or any social media platform for that matter)
  5. Avatar Photo: You (and you better believe that photos of younger, attractive people get a bump in views)
  6. Cleavage: No decision (but only because you decided not to show any in your profile photo)
  7. Publication in major publications: You (P.S. I Love You now trumps Coffeelicious, which used to be my badge of honor as a writer)
  8. Name length: You (goddamnit, I have a three letter first name, and people still get it wrong, calling me Lou, Leon, Ron, Don, Juan, Jon, and Ian.)
  9. Time zone: You (East Coast bias! If you’re a sports fan)
  10. Getting Roy as a fan: You (I failed the SlackJaw challenge, while he mocked it to perfection in Humor Challenged)

I’ll do anything to get a laugh, even if it means depressing myself.

I must now bid you adieu.

I have other windmills which require my tilting.

Written by

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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