Thank you, Lord, for settling the abortion question. Could you forward the message to all the people who are trying to hurt women directly or indirectly?

In response to your plug-outlet joke, I hope this story pleases you:

An electrical, a mechanical and a civil engineer all sat down one day to try and decide what kind of an engineer God must be.

The Electrical Engineer said: “God must be an electrical engineer. You only have to look at the complex nervous system powered by minute electrical impulses to see that.”

The Mechanical Engineer said: “I’m sure God must be a mechanical engineer, how else could he have designed such advanced mechanical systems: the heart a pump, the veins pipes and the tendons and muscles an advanced pulley system.”

The Civil Engineer replied: “You are both wrong. God is a civil engineer. Who else would run a sewer system through a recreational area?”

One last question, Lord. You seem to have two identical profiles on Medium. Why is this? Did you forget your password and have to create a new profile? Does age and poor memory supercede omniscience?

Your humble servant

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