Thanks for a great story about unspoken male hierarchy.

It reminded me of a real life situation where I went to see my neighbor and ask him about some complex repair I needed to do. He’s that guy who replaces his roof by himself — with a buddy who’s a licensed roofer to make sure the job gets done to code — pours driveways, and rebuilds his kitchen and bathrooms.

He was drinking beers in front of his house with an older guy who was even more of a tool guru than him, the dalai lama of build-a-rama.

My neighbor told me whatever special tool was needed and that he thought he had one in his garage. The other one proceeded to say something along the lines “well, if that don’t work, you might need to dig through the concrete and reconnect the main line,” adding “I’ll bring my jack hammer and backhoe over if you need it.”

Even though I had done enough repairs as a property manager to qualify for a general contractor’s license, their responses left me feeling like a complete idiot.

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