Kimberly, thanks for such a swift and histrionic response. You wrote your piece using that clichéd “dear boyfriend who doesn’t treat me right” angle, and you go completely ape sh*t when I sarcastically use the words “write your little heart out?” See how that narrative voice thing works?

All I care about is getting to the truth. Not misusing the word “truthiness.”

You dismiss the main point I made which is the ridiculous narrative created about Clinton’s lying, and the false equivalencies it creates with the biggest liar of all time, Herr Drumpf.

You are angry that I bring up facts that you could find yourself. Sorry, there are millions of people with computers and no interest to learn about the facts. You didn’t present them, so I responded. My bad.

At first, I didn’t respond to the other ideas you hinted at in your post and response, but since you want to go down this path, let’s look at the facts:

  1. No amount of whining about DNC dirty tricks against Bernie would have affected the primary season. Clinton won over 75% of the African American vote, which represented a 7% margin in total votes. Clinton dominated with the old farts, moderates, high income, low education and post graduate voters, and nothing was going to change that. (Unless you were one of the vampires hoping for an FBI indictment, so Sanders would get the nomination, in spite of receiving 3,000,000 less votes.)
  2. Hinting at voter suppression or rigging an election is ridiculous. In Arizona, where a Republican clerk cut the number of polling places by 70%, both Clinton and Sanders sued Arizona over the 5-hour lines.
  3. In California, where I voted for Sanders (just in case your eyes boiled over with blood because you didn’t like the tone of my response), there was a massive problem with a system that was in place long before Sanders entered the race. In the end, Clinton won California, albeit with a smaller margin. Sanders’ campaign spokesman did not dispute the result, he was just unhappy that the early count gave Hillary a huge lead. The voting system in this country is badly broken, but it has been broken since before the 2000 election.
  4. In the most important states for the general election — New York, Pennsylvania and Florida — Clinton crushed Sanders, and the exit polls aligned with these results. Again, more facts that disprove the conspiracy theories. BTW, I thought that Hillary’s disingenuous handling of the Auto bailout during the Michigan debate cost her that primary. But Ohio was the following week and Clinton won it. (To be fair, the exit polls gave her less than a 4% edge, while the voting margin was 10% higher, so this raises questions about who owns those voting machines — there were even worse problems in 2004, with Bush winning more votes in districts than there were registered voters.)
  5. The VP choice was purely political and wasn’t made to soothe bruised egos. Sanders and Warren would never run as V.P. They will have far more power in the Senate if the Dems retake the majority. Booker could not run, because there is a Republican governor in New Jersey who would appoint a Republican to the Senate, and hurt the chances to retake the Senate. The same thing goes for Sherrod Brown, the most obvious choice for VP (Rust Belt cred, deliver the key battleground state, and overcome any Trump advantage on trade issues). Hillary already has the POC vote in her pocket. What she needed was to make inroads on white men and married women. After you eliminate the best choices, it doesn’t leave too much, does it? Kaine is incredibly popular in Virginia and has foreign policy experience. If he can help Clinton carry his home state, it will be almost impossible for Trump to win.
  6. You wrote: “Because if you lose, we all lose, and if we all lose, you and I? We are never ever ever getting back together.” Maybe I misinterpreted this, but it sounded like you would never again support the Democratic party. The party is really flawed, no argument there. But the alternative is the party that brought us Reagan and W and now Trump. So, while that doesn’t sound like withdrawing your vote for Clinton, it sounded equally ridiculous and I called you on it.
  7. Party unity is not the issue on Medium; it is the response of millennials who read these articles that is troubling. They are now the largest voting demographic, but they are still the people least likely to vote. And reading all the articles that continue to trash the Democratic nominee only weakens the resolve of this group. Ever since the Voting Rights Act of 1964, and Roe v. Wade, Republican candidates have become more and more virulent. Nixon now seems like a pretty good president, compared to Reagan and W. And now, we’ve got the threat of Herr Drumpf. Every little thing counts in these perilous times. We should be spending our time working for the Clinton campaign, instead of arguing like this. I have already responded to many of these articles and comments, but I happened across yours today and felt that what was justifiable on Sunday was unnecessary and unhelpful today. So, no, it wasn’t some man attacking a woman, it was a Sanders supporter who only cares about beating Trump pushing back at another Sanders supporter who seemed fixated on results we can‘t change to the detriment of the larger goal.

We agree on the insanity of the super delegates, but they didn’t change the result of the nomination process. All the problems with these primaries existed long before the 2016 election, so it’s not surpising that the Clinton surrogate DSW would take advantage of them, regardless of whether she acted on her own or consulted with the Hillary campaign. But whipping up new doubts that there might have been new, and illegal dirty tricks put into place without any proof should be left to the people wearing the tin foil hats. Clinton, for all the crap she pulled in the 2008 primaries, ended up with more total votes than Obama. But she sucked it up and worked to elect the President — although there’s some doubt about Bill’s net effect.

We also agree on the most important things:

  1. Everything involved with DSW was a mistake, and she’s an embarrassment to every self-respecting Democrat, woman and Jew.
  2. Bernie Sanders was our choice.
  3. Everything must be done to stop Trump.

Finally, I wish I were younger than you. It sucks to be old. I watched Reagan dismantle the country while you were a kid. And based on the volcanic eruption of anger at me, I’ve got to wonder what happened to you.

Oh, and your comment about boosting followers revealed a lot. Not everyone bases their self worth on recommendations and follows like you apparently do. I couldn’t care less about that sh*t. And I’ve written thousands of words encouraging new writers on this site to write their own truth and not worry about recommendations or followers. But to know that would mean you’d have had to take an interest in someone other than yourself.

Have a wonderful day.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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