Thanks for the compliment. I take it as a sacred duty to be as honest as possible even though my business is to tell compelling stories so people will buy more stuff. That’s why I won’t take on cigarette and beer companies as clients. In answer to your insightful comments:

  1. I don’t assume that is true of everyone in my industry. Based on the wide variety of responses that were generated on social media, the agency failed big time in not anticipating unwanted negative reactions.
  2. Since you know the girl and said she doesn’t get it at all, I was hoping you could explain what the point is. I agree that what you look like should be100% irrelevant if you’re an anything (except maybe actors, pole dancers and porn stars). But if guys were sexually harassing her, who would appreciate that kind of behavior?
  3. Based on her statement, she was totally unaware of how her words and looks would be framed, so I could have done exactly the same thing. During the shot, I would have said I didn’t like the lighting on the company logo and used that as an excuse to give her a larger shirt and ask her if we could put her hair behind her or tie it up in a bun. All the other adjustments in expression, body position, lighting would have been standard.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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