Thanks for the quick summary of these philosophers’ views on virtue. They almost sound like the story of the six blind men and the elephant, as so many of these ideas are not mutually exclusive.

I would say that to live a virtuous life, one would need to recognize how little we really know, let go of desires, not allow our reaction to outside events cause unnecessary pain or cause irrational reactions, follow a set of higher principles which include the concept to harm others is to harm ourselves, and refuse to allow others to impose their morality (especially philosophers) on us in order to find true authenticity.

About the only idea that is antithetical to that amalgamation of views is Badiou’s idea that some causes should be so good as to preclude pondering questions of right and wrong. How ironic that a contemporary socialist should argue an idea that sounds like it could have been espoused by some pope in the Middle Ages.

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