That pretty much sums up this story and the entire college basketball season. The National Champion is rarely the best team in college basketball. This year, it’s highly likely the best team in the country won’t even make the Final Four

The thing that makes fans crazy is not the randomness of matchups or performances by key players, it’s the arbitrary and seemingly conspiratorial way the NCAA sets up the seedings and the draw. Kansas will be playing virtual home games in the crucial games that allow a team to get into the Final Four.

Oregon at full strength — Brooks, Dorsey and Boucher — with dangerous scorers at every position, an intelligent point guard, and a deep bench, is the best team in the country (disclaimer: I’m a Bruin fan). Unfortunately for the Ducks, their second best player got injured in the PAC-12 tournament, and now they have to get past Michigan to play Kansas at home.

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