That’s why I called it the magic of 20–20 hindsight and hot takes.

What I didn’t see coming was how badly Philadelphia is playing. How can we explain Super Bowl experienced safeties taking bad angles on simple inside routes and giving up 75-yard touchdowns?

But week 2’s hot take has to be the two recycled QBs, Fitzpatrick and Keenum. Their careers have been marked with great games followed by horrific games that kill their teams and cause management to lose faith in them.

Keenum played out of his mind the entire year for the Vikings, leading them to wins in a few very close games, plus the miracle in the playoffs against the Saints, but management still got someone else.

With a game against a mediocre team in Baltimore, and a home game where they’ve been very competitive against the Chiefs the last couple of years. There’s a chance for the Denver Broncos to be leading the AFC West after four weeks! How’s that for overreacting?

Then, we’ve got to look at Tampa Bay. Fitzpatrick has been with lousy teams, so his good play was usually masked by the incompetence of everyone else around him, but he, too, has been shuffled around the league like one of those decks your grandparents have used for so long, you know the value of the cards because of the scratches and wear marks.

And yet, in spite of Patrick Mahomes lighting up the NFL world on fire, guess who has the best QBR among starting quarterbacks? This is absolutely insane.

Now, Fitzmagic gets to play a home game against a Steelers defense that gave up 42 points to the Chiefs, while Ben Rothlisberger had six turnovers against the Browns and two interceptions reversed by penalties against the Chiefs. The following week is at Chicago, who can’t possibly score defensive touchdowns in every game they play. Throw in Cleveland in week six, and the Bucs could be sitting at 6 wins in October.

Who knew Jameis Winston was such a key for Tampa Bay to be terrible this year?

Finally, I didn’t say anything last week, because of a ridiculous fumble by the tight end on a game winning drive in the 4th quarter, but…

ANDREW LUCK is back!

As you wrote earlier, they have a soft schedule and a decent chance to sneak into the playoffs. Their offensive coordinator has got to be a genius given the number of times T.Y. Hilton still gets open, considering the lack of talent among their other skills players.

Finally, next week is the battle of Los Angeles. The Chargers will have more fans at that game than they do for the remainder of their combined home games. Without Joey Bosa’s pass rush, I’m hoping the Goff finally completes a long pass to a receiver in stride. In two games, he’s missed on three long passes that could have easily been touchdowns. If he finally hits those passes, the Rams could score 40 points.

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