When Seattle went into a prevent defense on 3rd and 20, trailing 27–0 with one minute left in the half and gave up a 53-yard Gurley touchdown, the game was finally over in my mind.

This is the sweetest moment in sports.

  • Your team is winning a blow out and you can bask in the glow of victory for an hour or two while the game is still being played.
  • You can talk trash for an entire half, if you want. (I don’t know any Seattle fans, but imagine how horrible it would be for those long time Rams fans to unleash 14 years of frustration on their buddies).
  • You can exult in watching Russell Wilson scramble for his life and not care whether he escapes or not, because no matter how miraculous (lucky) a play he makes, it won’t affect the game.
  • You can fantasize about the playoff possibilities of the Rams winning a Super Bowl.
  • You can revel in that puzzled expression that Pete Carroll has on his face when things go wrong.
  • You find sweet revenge in every little moment, like a picture of a Seattle fan dressed up as the Grinch. This poor fool didn’t realize that the Seahawks would lay a massive egg at CenturyLink Field. And when you remove the shell, it contained 67,000 pieces of coal to put in each person’s stocking.
  • You can luxuriate in all of that 20–20 hindsight, reviewing all the signs that led to this amazing game.
  • You can feel sorry for Seattle when they get a horrendous call by the refs (Wilson’s receiver ran the wrong route, his deep sideline pass was somehow ruled grounding and the refs awarded a safety to the Rams). Can you imagine how much of an insult it is when you pity your most hated opponent? Revenge is a dish best served cold and with plenty of crocodile tears!
  • You can drink hot tea and lemon because you got to scream joyfully for an entire half, and you almost lost your voice.
  • You can smile and feel the warmth of seeing your team finally put it all together in every phase of the game.
  • You start yelling at the coaches on TV to pull your starting units… TO START THE 3RD QUARTER!!!!
  • You calculate all the playoff possibilities and see there’s a good chance the Rams can play at Philadelphia, while Carolina plays at Minnesota if both teams win their Wild Card home games.

And when it’s all over, you start worrying about the infinitesimal chance the Rams get shut out of the playoffs by losing their last two games, giving Seattle the divisional tiebreaker, while Atlanta, New Orleans and Carolina all tie with 11–5 records.

Christmas came early for the Rams. I hope it will continue far into the New Year!

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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