The only thing better than reveling in the demolition of the Seahawks would have been the thought of them coming back to the Coliseum for the Wild Card game. I’m worried about Atlanta finally putting it all together tomorrow.

On the other hand, Steve Sarkisian has provided a fine example this season of the Fisher Corollary to the Bryant Basis*

As always, turnovers will probably determine this game.

*The Bryant Basis was discovered by Bum Phillips, who observed “Bryant can take his’n and beat your’n, and then he can turn around and take your’n and beat his’n.” The Fisher Corollary is defined as “a coach’s ability to get the absolute worst possible performance out of talented players and permanently scar young players. The Fisher Corollary was demonstrated as Sean McVay took the worst offense in the league under Fisher and made it the #1 offense the next year. Sarkisian took the NFC Champion #1 ranked Falcons offense from last year and manage to shave 35% ofd the total points scored by the team.

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