The Reviews are in: This Greatest Hits Compilation Should be in Everyone’s Christmas Stocking!

You didn’t know Christmas shopping season started BEFORE Halloween, did you?

Lon Shapiro
5 min readOct 26, 2019


DISCLAIMER: This commercial is really a satirical commentary about commercials while not-so-cleverly concealing a commercial about finding happiness through a commercial-free life and listening to music that is still, at its core, a product that artists commercialize.

I hope this clarifies any questions you may have.

Folks, in stressful times like these, what’s the one source of peace and tranquility left to us?

It’s music, of course!

And that’s why I always say “gotta to give the people what they want,” when it comes to bringing the world of music to this dreary writing platform that shall remain nameless.

Think about it.

Not only is your social media feed garbage, but all you see are serious/depressing/boring/tedious “feature” articles that make Chinese water torture seem like a pleasant diversion. (At least the water is moisturizing, right?)

How about a dose of social media sanity, with this classic song turned against the very thing that is ruining our lives?

Just look to the reviews:



“Thank you for yelping me to have a fun Sunday!”

“Weird Al should beg for permission to use your work.”

That’s why you should run out and pick up your copy of “Yelp!,” the Beatles’ song parody, today.

But wait, there’s more.

It’s absolutely FREE!



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