The show has definitely jumped the shark, or in this case a submerged dead dragon. Watching this show now feels like watching the Walking Dead. It’s entertaining, but requires such consistent stupidity by the human players that I can’t consider it one of the all-time great shows.

The plot holes are getting so big, they may eclipse the size of the wall.

Here are the most blatant things that broke the logic of the GRRM universe to the point it affected my enjoyment of the episode:

  1. Zombie bears, unlike wights are not killed by fire. (Thoros eventually died, as I predicted, but his death was completely useless in the context of the show.)
  2. The suicide squad has been walking for what seems like hours and finally find the mountain in the shape of an arrowhead, per the Hound’s vision. How does Gendry get back to the wall so fast, and then collapse with his effort?
  3. As we’ve discussed many times before, the Army of the Dead trudges around at a snail’s pace, but runs a normal human speed in battle. They could have been to Dorne and back during the last seven seasons.
  4. King’s Landing is approximately 1500 miles from the wall. Even if we cut that distance in half to account for a straight flight from Eastwatch to Dragonstone, and a raven flying as fast as the fastest bird know to man, the pergrine falcon (242 mph), that’s over three hours to deliver the message. We know that the old kings could do a round trip from King’s Landing to Dragonstone, so there’s no way Daenerys could arrive at Eastwatch in less than a day. Meanwhile, the Magnificent Seven were saying they would freeze to death soon.
  5. Wights can’t get past water, as we saw at Hardhomme. It makes no sense that two wights jump out of a hole in the ice and grab Tormund’s legs.
  6. Jon and Jorah look at the Night King and discuss the strategy of killing him and the white walkers as the entire army would dissolve into dust and bones. Why didn’t Jon tell Daenerys to attack the Night King’s position with all three dragons? Even if he kills one with an ice spear, the other two would vaporize him and his entire officer corps, ending the threat immediately.
  7. The Wall has magic spells that do not allow the dead to pass, as Benjen/Coldhands explains to Bran and Meera when he drops them off in episode 1 this season. How did the captured wight pass the wall without disintegrating (as they did when Bran’s party first entered the Three-Eyed Raven’s tree)? Do these spells stop working because it was delivered by air to Eastwatch?
  8. As I recall, Littlefinger was with the Lannisters, pushing Sansa to write the letter to Robb. All she had to do was ask him to corroborate her story that the Lannisters promised to save her father’s life if she cooperated. Instantly, this forces Littlefinger’s hand. Either he tells the truth and Arya drops the whole subject, or he lies, which causes Sansa to stop trusting him completely (and probably has Brienne kill him).
  9. Arya could easily go to Bran to get the real story, instead of holding on to her anger at her sister. She already knows that Bran has visions. And we the audience have already seen that he can see everything that happens at King’s Landing as his big vision in season 6 episode 6 includes seeing the Mad King yelling “kill them all” in his throne room.

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