The Steelers stink, and I said it before the Cleveland game.

They had one fluke game against the Rams where they got saved by bogus pass interference calls, fumbles ruled as forward passes and forward passes ruled as fumbles.

Mason Rudolph didn’t throw an interception for only his third game — actually, he threw an interception, but the refs bailed him out on a terrible PI call.

Goff had four turnovers, and continues to drive fans crazy with his inability to sense pressure or use his feet to avoid the rush.

Sean McVay went insane, trying a fake punt on the Rams 29, and the defense still forced Pittsburgh to punt.

The Rams defense almost outscored Pittsburgh’s offense.

If the Steelers played in the NFC, they wouldn’t win another game this season.

As it stands, they will beat Cincinnati and Cleveland (without Garrett), and lose to Arizona, Buffalo and Baltimore.

All they have to do is beat the Jets to have a good shot at the playoffs, which is sickening.

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