The whole point of Quora is to answer questions. If you have a specific field of expertise (and these areas of expertise can be incredibly obscure) and you follow the topics attached to your expertise, you will see questions in those topics in a daily email feed.

That feed will maybe 10 different questions from your followed topics, with each one featuring the “best” answer.

If you go to that answer and click on the question, it will take you to the question page, which could list anywhere from one to over 100 answers, and there’s a button to click so you can answer the question, too.

If your answer is good, it starts to get up votes and moves up the list.

If you answer is really good and gets to be #1 or #2 among all the answers, they might send your answer out as part of the daily email.

In addition, if you become known as a top writer, people start to ask questions directly to you and other top writers, hoping you will answer their question.

I got into Quora because I read a couple of tennis question answers and they were full of bad information. I got annoyed and decided to join and answer the questions properly.

Because of my expertise in the subject and my thoroughness in researching an answer to verify if my initial take was correct, my answers usually get the highest number of up votes.

I can’t say why certain content marketers have enormous success writing about unprovable opinions on business and leadership, as we see on Medium, but some people are somehow playing and winning in social media.

That’s why my experience is so different from Luke’s. His answer to What’s your “Oh my God I can’t believe this is happening” moment? got 477K views and 27.2K upvotes, but it’s one viral story that is completely subjective.

Those kinds of stories, as well as political opinions are based on the audience’s personal views, so it’s much harder to find a sustainable writing subject.

Because of the political views, certain conservative writers will consistently get huge numbers of up votes, regardless of how little valid factual information they use to back up their arguments.

For someone like you, who writes a lot of humorous material, Quora can be a bad place. One of their rules is that answers must be helpful. So if you write something that makes fun of a stupid question, they might hide your answer at the very bottom.

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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