Their defense has been sliding to the bottom the last two months, but their offense has been fantastic because of Jokic’s brilliance and all the good 3-point shooting by the bench players.

Since I wrote that article, the team has gone 12–5 on the strength of 9–1 home record, with wins over San Antonio, New York, Charlotte, the Clippers, Portland, Chicago, Cleveland, Phoenix and Philadelphia (without Embiid), and their only loss coming against the Warriors.

On the road, they are 3–4, beating Phoenix, Sacramento, and Miami, while losing to San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix and Utah.

The lack of good road wins since the December 3 game at Toronto, and the fall off of the defense is a cause for concern going forward. With four more road games than home games remaining in the season, that could be the difference between staying at the number two seed and slipping back to number four or five.

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