There are a number of reasons I think the Saints have a slight edge over the Rams:

  1. The Saints started poorly by having a horrible game against Tampa Bay, so everyone lowered their opinion about New Orleans. If they had won that game, they’d be 5–0 and the conversation would be completely different.
  2. The Saints’ defense has improved over the last five weeks, allowing 37 points and generating 4 turnovers in their last two games, while the Rams’ defense has allowed 62 points and generated only one turnover in the same time period. If the Rams hadn’t shut out two bad offenses for six quarters to start the season, everyone would be asking what is wrong with their defense, especially their miserable performance against a terrible Seahawks offense.
  3. The Rams offense is less potent than the Saints. They have scored 21 points less than the Saints’ offense, as the Rams have benefited from touchdowns by the defense and special teams. The Saints have a better red zone TD percentage, Brees is still a better quarterback (no interceptions) than Goff, and the Rams lost their kicker, resulting in missed extra points and field goals.
  4. The Rams have lost some of their best players at key positions. The Rams’ secondary is suddenly a weakness as Talib is out, Peters has been terrible trying to play with an injury and Shields got injured against Seattle but was able to finish the game, while they lost their top two receivers due to concussions.

Everyone already thinks the Rams are the best team in football, so I don’t need to trick you into complimenting the Rams. That tactic I’d use with the Lakers.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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