There were a ton of places where the film dragged. Watching the younger generation inspect record albums like archaeologists was especially painful. Their lack of understanding of the times and the people was especially painful.

Were they that bored, or were they thinking “shit, I’ll never write a song as good as [fill in the blank, there were too many to choose from].”

The secret of Laurel Canyon, like the artist colony in Paris in the 1920s, was a unique time and place for three reasons.

  1. Young, poor artists could afford to live close to each other in the canyon.
  2. No internet or social media — the only way to learn about others was to interact with your neighbors, watch performers in nearby clubs, and go to record stores.
  3. The art form of modern pop music was still unexplored, virgin territory. Between the Beatles’ Ed Sullivan debut in 1964 to their last album in 1969, they pushed music forward at a mind boggling speed, inspiring and pushing their contemporaries to do the same. Aside from the beginning of rap music in the 1980s, is there any new genre of music?

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