There’s a huge difference between being overhyped and being overrated. All of the hype, mostly generated by his father, created some really negative feelings around the league.

Did you see how Patrick Beverly mugged him in the opening game of the season? Did you see the tweets by the Wizards before they played the Lakers? Did you see the bush league move by Murray to try to embarrass Ball in the waning seconds of a game won by the Nuggets in December?

I don’t ever remember seeing that kind of crap directed at other Lakers rookies. They were just ignored.

Also, the barrage of trolls on social media was unbelievable in its volume and nastiness (mostly because everyone was hating on the father).

If you’ve seen stuff like that, I’d love to see some examples.

With regard to Randle, I think they should sign him.

In the 33 games where he played at least 30 minutes this season, his stats were at an All-Star level: 20.9 ppg, 9.9 rpg, 3.5 apg, .568 FG%, .724 FT%.

I don’t know if you watched all the Lakers games this season, but I did and he turned out to be an above average defender as a small ball 5. He stopped John Wall three times on switches at the end of regulation and in overtime. He shut down Boogie Cousins more than once. He ate Hassan Whiteside for lunch in a rout over Miami. And in a terrific game at Philadelphia, he matched Embiid basket for basket in a game the Lakers won on the last shot of the game.

There were a few of players this year that caused him problems on defense: Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, James Harden and Lamarcus Aldridge.

And there were a couple of centers who shut him down: Rudy Gobert and Deandre Jordan.

He can post up, rebound and lead the break. The only thing he needs is a short jump shot, so he’ll become a bigger threat in the pick and roll when teams choose to pack the paint.

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