They may have been honest in their description of what they felt, but they were narrow and ignorant because each one thought his perception was the only correct view of reality.

That’s kind of like saying people who commit crimes in the name of God are honest because they believe God told them to do it. There is something seriously wrong with them, just like blind men who have the arrogance to assume their perceptions are a full and accurate portrait of reality.

Considering they had started to fight with each other over their perceptions, how much time would have been required for them to learn something new about the elephant?

What could they have determined about the nature of the elephant that would surprise the elephant? The elephant already knows her own body and experiences. Would the surprise be that the blind men could learn more in spite of their blindness? Maybe. But the story is not about the trials and tribulations of the blind men. It is a story about how our perception of reality is limited, but we think we are seeing everything clearly.

The wise man recognized his own blindness, even though he had sight.

The elephant has her own blindness, to be sure, but the story was not about that. She is the one who has been enslaved by the blindness of a more powerful group.

This story tries to explain sexism. We are unable to see the ways we dump on women, even if we think we are asking a perfectly innocent question or trying to make a compliment. There are so many great stories by women you can find on Medium that describes their perspective. You should try reading this story to understand what women really experience:

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