This is a great article, but you’ve brought up an even better point.

  • Someone publishing an article when we are both editors of the same publication. (This is especially maddening when you write for a publication where every writer is also an editor.)
  • Someone following you who has never read, highlighted, clapped or commented on one of your articles. (And if Medium can’t separate out the people who matter from the people who are hoping I will follow them in response, I’ll just turn off that notification. Based on my current readership, I could do without 99.9% of my so-called “followers.”)
  • Misleading notifications like “Roz Warren + 2 others highlighted…” when it was just you highlighting three different lines in one of my articles. Once in a while I would see 25 notifications and it would be the work or only two or three people.
  • People clapping for your comments. (How useless is that? If you can’t be paid for your comments, this is a worthless metric.)

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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