This is the crux of the problem — you are not a professional retoucher. However, I am. Cover both pictures at the bridge of the nose, and you will see that the relationship between the mouth, jaw and neck is slightly off in the retouched version. It feels like plastic surgery and maybe a little shallow. Also the nose looks flatter and thicker — definitely not as nice as the original. Now cover both pictures below the bridge of the nose. The only difference is the eye make up. (If you’re really in love with blue eyes, you could always try colored contact lenses.)

Here is a quick photo retouch of the ideal you by a man’s standards. (I’m sorry, but don’t ever trust women on rating your looks — every woman says that her friend, no matter how unattractive, is “cute”, while really beautiful women are rated “not that great”).

Image for post
Image for post

If you lay it over your original photo, you will find the following retouches are easy to duplicate in the real world:

  1. Add a little mascara and eyeliner above and below your eyes
  2. Get some teeth whitening strips
  3. Take a vacation to Florida or the Caribbean and get a tan (or you could move to California and look like that year round)

Hope you get healthy again.

P.S.: You look great as a red head, too.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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