This may be the worst commercial in history. Everything you pointed out is true, but you missed one big thing…

Mom was in on the whole thing from the beginning.

  1. At 0:10, after the dad bleats ‘but the game is sold out,” we cut to the mom who shakes her head and smiles, as if to say “you know nothing, random actor pretending to by my husband.” What is especially telling is that she is NOT cooking. She is pulling pretzels out of a metal container, presumably for snacks. She has no intention of cooking.
  2. If you look at the ambient light and shadows, the game is being played during the day, so it is probably the weekend. Given the normal responsibilities associated with home ownership, dad should be busy doing chores or building a terraced garden in the back. His ability to just lounge around on the couch, whine about the Anersons and call himself a genius while stealing his son’s idea indicates he’s the scion of a wealthy family who has never worked a day in his life.
  3. At 0:12, Dad scrolls up and down over a screen with team logos without clicking through to get tickets. Either he is unable to read the name of his team, or has less ability to use a tablet than that famous 2-year old in that viral video showing how easy it is to use an iPad.
  4. Dad is even more fundamentally handicapped then we previously believed. He walks past his wife and says “grab the keys, we’re going to the game.” Not only is he not allowed to drive, he doesn’t even have the hand-eye coordination to grab the keys himself. Or perhaps he lost all key privileges because of his total lack of awareness of something as basic as a web site that sells stuff.
  5. At 0:22, we briefly see the mom’s expression as idiot dad passes by. It’s a knowing, rueful smirk, as if to say “I can’t believe I actually married someone who makes our pet turtle appear quick witted.”
  6. At 0:23, our highly self-satisfied son follows his dad, he high fives his co-conspirator mother. The mom smiles as they enjoy their triumph and just slightly tilts her head to indicate the ease and frequeny of manipulating her strutting fool of a spouse.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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