This was a screen grab from I clicked on point differential to sort the 1–0 teams.

I don’t have any expectations for the Rams, so I got to exult in their performance against the worst team in the league while I can.

Having said that, they should be favored to beat Washington at home and San Francisco on the road. If they somehow were to win those games, week 5 at home to Seattle takes on some significance, as both teams would be 3–1

What I like about the Rams:

  1. Coaching staff is light years better than Jeff Fisher — McVay is known as a quarterback whisperer. Look at how bad Cousins played yesterday, with 3 TOs and only 4.5 yards per completion — those sound like Case Keenum/Jared Goff numbers from last year. And do I need to say anything about the addition of Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator?
  2. Receivers. Last year, Tavon Austin was a horrible #1 option for the Rams. He couldn’t catch tough balls, wasn’t a deep threat, and couldn’t block. This year, he is their #4 wide received. Watkins looks great. Woods is solid. And Cupp and Everett look to be some of the best steals in the draft.
  3. Offensive variety. Eight receivers caught balls yesterday, and Goff made quick decisions. They ran a number of different plays that we never saw last year. Admittedly, the O-line and running game are still horrendous.
  4. New defense — I think the 3–4 will really help the Rams feature their best players, with Aaron Donald at NT, and all those fast DEs and LBs who can rush the pass from different angles. They will still be weaker against the run, so they won’t be a truly great defense. But they may have the ability to make enough big plays to not get blown out.

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