G: When you realized your special someone felt the same way as you. Any time you stuck with something worthwhile. Every time you hear your new favorite song. When you felt the warmth of a campfire lit by someone else. When your mom hugged you gently. When your dad squeezed you tight. When you made the shot and you heard your grandparents cheering in the stands. When you nailed the move you practiced so many times. When you aced the test and got your grade. When your mom made your favorite dish. When you share memories with your siblings. When you unwrapped that perfect gift your mom knew you wanted more than anything else in that moment. When your team won against impossible odds. When you climbed the peak and took in how vast the big wet rock is. When you made it that last tenth of a mile on empty and found an open gas station. Any time you actually, truly helped someone or a just cause, when you prepared your grandma’s recipe. When you landed the jump. When you first met your baby brother. When you first met your own baby. When your daughter proved she could squeeze you hard enough to hurt. When you said goodbye to someone you love. When you realized your wife was supposed to be your wife. When you did that thing with your wife. Not the first time, but when you finally got good at it. When you stepped off the airplane after you thought it would crash. When you were sick and delirious and a nurse was kind to you. When the doctor cured you. When you first rode the rickety rollercoaster. When you breathed the salty sea air. When you realized you could ride your bike. When you got your first motorcycle. When you flew down that trail and climbed that big hill. When you stripped off your cold, wet clothes and got in a hot shower. Every time you first sink into a hot tub (almost). When you picked the right friends. When you got picked by the right friends. Any time you walked away from something that wasn’t worthy of you. When you realized you could sing. All the times you made someone laugh. All the times you laughed at yourself. When your grandmother smiled because you arrived. When your child felt a sense of accomplishment. When your dad told you you had a good work ethic. When your boss complimented your work. When your friend called for no reason. When you had the answer to anything. When it hurt and you knew who to see to make it better. When you survived doing something dumb. When you were handed a breakfast menu. When you felt the wave throw you around. When you made friends with a dog. When you willingly shared anything good. When you knew what you wanted to eat. When you were needed. When you belonged.

Hello, God. It’s me, dumbass

julian rogers

This was so beautiful it almost brought tears to my eyes. It is so strong it could be a separate story.

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