Todd, I probably came down too strongly on you personally. It was reading all the comments, and their increasingly harsh tone, plus Alle’s responses, plus the histrionics going back and forth between other writers on Medium the last couple of days that made me feel like we’re all going down this rabbit hole. I did it myself in responding really harshly to a guy who attacked another guy for talking about abortion.

It’s not that you’re not allowed, or you can’t have an opinion or that you shouldn’t stand up against racism.

It’s just that we keep slicing up each other. What started out as a condemnation of the ridiculous idea that there should be White history month, turns into a discussion of the Michael Brown case (Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, the dude who got shot in the back in South Carolina, the Chicago teenager shot 16 times, Sandra Bland, the pool party girl thrown to the grass, the high school girl thrown to the ground for using a cell phone, these are all far more powerful examples of institutional racism than a single nationally reported case where some of the black witnesses back up the cops’ account. I have no idea now what to think about Michael Brown, only that it has risen to the irrational litmus test of the O.J. Simpson trial).

And then Alle starts saying stuff that sounds like Bill Cosby (pre-rape scandal), which freaks out a lot of people, but may represent the views of many older blacks (I don’t know).

But the point is, we keep drilling down further and further into ideological purity. Meanwhile, we’ve seen Kel leave and I’m not sure if Heather’s coming back and I don’t want us to be the reason we lose another wonderful voice.

It’s like the classic episode of the Twilight Zone where the power goes off and then it goes back on in one house or another. There’s something about the group dynamic that starts out well intentioned, becomes more intimate, and then descends into personal conflicts.

I wish I would have kept working the whole time and never got involved.


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