Todd, your argument suggests that the electoral college forces a candidate to appeal to a larger swath of the electorate, but the exact opposite happened. The coalition of the majority of voters were people of all colors, faiths (including Muslims and Jews, who are the targets of white supremacists and xenophobia), women, immigrants, and the most vulnerable members of society. The coalition of the minority of voters were predominantly white Christians who are either rich, uneducated, and/or racists, misogynists and other assorted bigots.

Secondly, you have completely confused parliamentary democracy with the electoral college. In England, majority coalitions are fluid and can change on a regular basis because there are multiple parties and none of them have ever been able to win a decisive majority. With the electoral college and gerrymandering, the battle lines are drawn and haven’t changed since the sixties.

The result is that one party uses every anti-democratic means at its disposal to disenfranchise voters they don’t like in order to create a tyranny of a minority that continues to shrink. The other is constantly fighting for transparency, equal rights for those groups who face discrimination, and equality of opportunity for every member of society.

Karl Rove proudly spoke of his political agenda to create a permanent one party government, regardless of whether they represent a majority or not. Obama still talks about the need for strong opposition party to add their ideas to the national conversation, in spite of the obstructionism of the last eight years.

The goals and agenda for each party stand in complete contrast to each other. The way they rule when the control government are also completely different. When Republicans control the House of Representatives, a small minority within their party controls the agenda, and prevents any positive progress to be made, regardless of whether there is bipartisan agreement on many pieces of legislation. When they can’t get their way, even on past signed legislation that was approved by all three branches of government, they are willing to shut down the government to force their desires on the rest of the country. When they control the White House, they are willing to tell any lie necessary to start a war, destroy our civil rights and secretly introduce policies that violate not only our Constitution, but international law.

That style of governance simply doesn’t exist when Democrats control all branches of government; their coalition is too broadly based to allow them to do much of anything in an autocratic way.

The end result is that our system allows a tyranny of the minority if Republicans control government, which can only be overcome by a massive majority voting for Democrats (studies show that it would take a 55% Democratic majority in order to gain control of our gerrymandered House of Reps). And if there is a Democratic majority of 50–55%, we have divided government and total gridlock.

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