tRump’s Tulsa Rally Was a “Major Failure,” and a Sign of the Times.

Racism, incompetent leadership during the pandemic, social media twists and the power of K-Pop made for a fascinating weekend.

This area was not 2/3 empty because of social distancing. Source.

If you didn’t follow the news yesterday, the first stop of the reelect Agent Orange campaign began, and there was so much beneath the surface I thought I would do a digital version of Show and Tell.

#1. Racism

Let’s face it. If you’re not black or a fan of The Watchmen on HBO, you may not know the significance of scheduling Tusla as the first location for the president’s reelection campaign.

Unlike high school students from Texas, I learned in school that millions of Africans were brought to this country as slaves, not as “workers.” And that the Civil War was fought over slavery and not states rights, as maintained by so many Republicans.

I was a history major in college back in the Seventies but was truly ignorant of how much blacks have suffered and the extent to which racism polluted this country, even in free states. It just wasn’t in the textbooks.

My first real education started in the 1990s when I read Walter Mosley’s mystery novels featuring Easy Rawlin’s, a black WWII veteran and private investigator who navigates through the racism of Los Angeles between the end of the war and the 1960s. My town. The place of diversity and tolerance I believed in as a child, while tuning out the Watts riots of 1965. (Which started, of course, when police pulled over a paroled black man for reckless driving, a fight started with police, and a pregnant woman was injured.)

A major race riot that had to be controlled by the National Guard because the police used excessive force in dealing with the black community. How’s that for plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?

George Santayana famously said, “those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The problem is, we can’t learn to stop repeating past mistakes if the textbooks are flawed, and the students are unwilling learners.

So why is the location of the rally such a big deal?

In 1921, the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma burned as white supremacist terrorists killed as many as 300 black people and destroyed black property worth over $32 million (adjusted for 2019 dollars), leaving 10,000 black people homeless.

The Tulsa race massacre has been called “the single worst incident of racial violence in American history.” At the time, the Greenwood District was the wealthiest black community in America, and known as “Black Wall Street.”

At a time when the country is reeling over police brutality and the unnecessary deaths and arrests of so many innocent black people, Herr Drumpf and his managers decided that Tulsa was the perfect place to start his reelection campaign.

What’s next, a fuse-lighting ceremony at a Birmingham church?

In case you’re wondering how low the infection-in-chief will stoop to court his white racist supporters, here’s a list of other possible campaign stops: Colfax, LA, Wilmington, NC; Atlanta, GA; Elaine, AR; and Rosewood, FL. They represent the worst race massacres by white people, killing up to a combined 750 black people, including children.

As someone only one generation removed from the genocide of the Holocaust, I am sympathetic to the plight of our black citizens and selfishly want to see our institutions and laws ensure that justice and equality prevail.

To paraphrase Martin Niemöller, “After they get the blacks, Mexicans, and Asians, you know they’re coming for the Jews.”

#2. Pandemic—not the board game, the political one

The headline read “Trump ‘furious’ about ‘underwhelming’ crowd at Tulsa rally.”

A lot of people had mixed feelings about the Tulsa rally from a public health perspective. Not that the close proximity of an arena packed full of rednecks, deplorables, and irrational people could actually cause new cases of stupidity, but that 19,000 people squeezed together and not wearing masks might have some effect on the incidence of COVID-19 in Tulsa and its surrounding areas.

The one lesson from the incompetent/criminally negligent decision to stage a rally during a pandemic is to never underestimate the depths to which this president can sink.

The president was soiling his diapers in anger because his campaign announced before the rally that six of his staff members who came to Tulsa to set up for the event have tested positive for coronavirus and been quarantined. Also in the news, Tulsa Country reported a 100% spike in coronavirus cases in the week leading up to the rally, “the highest number yet to be reported in a single day in the state as the trend of cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Oklahoma continue to rise.

Heaven forbid people are made aware of the dangers of jamming together in a closed indoor space.

At the rally, Cheetos Jesus made the brilliant observation that if you do more testing, you will find more cases. So he said/joked/sneered “slow the testing down, please.” I’m sure his supporters will explain away each one of his gaffes, but the irony of thousands of people squeezed together in an indoor arena breathing the same air and not wearing masks would be hysterical if it weren’t for all the people dying because of his incompetence.

Last week, I read Steven Rouach’s article “Jacksonville Florida Hilariously Decides to Murder Most of Their Elderly by Hosting Trump & the RNC’s 1st Annual Let’s-Catch-COVID-19 Party!” and responded:


Assuming Herr Drumpf attracts 20,000 people, the pandemic damage to MAGA voters could flip the election in Florida.

In yesterday’s rally, only 6,200 people showed up.

While the upper decks were mostly empty, most of the people were packed together and not wearing masks. Naturally, tRump and his campaign blamed media coverage and BLM protestors of scaring away the rally-goers. But one outside adviser came out an said “This was a major failure.”

And when is the last time someone currently associated with the president come out and contradicted Il Douchebag?

Isn’t it possible that a large number of Trump supporters are rational enough to heed warnings from every medical agency in the country? There may be hope for this country, yet, if those people avoid crowds by staying away from the polls in November.

#3. Social Media’s big win

TikTok users stood up for social justice in a very different way and trolled Genghis Tang to hilarious effect on Saturday night.

From the article:

Last week, Trump tweeted that “Almost One Million people requested tickets for the Saturday Night Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma!” and one local official said they expected 100,000 to show up near the arena.

Mary Jo Laupp, a 51-year-old grandmother from Fort Dodge, Iowa, and former campaign worker for Mayor Pete Buttigieg started with fun with this video.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, her video is better than any article written on the subject of tRump’s unholy marriage with the racists of this country. On the subject of holding the first rally in Tulsa on June 20th, she says, “if you don’t know why this is such a big deal, Google two things: Juneteenth and Black Wall Street.”

Also in on the fun were K-Pop fans, who were called on to join in on the trolling in a video that drew more than 250,000 views.

One butt-hurt campaign official reminded us of the inauguration debacle with his own version of revisionist history:

“We had legitimate 300k signups of Republicans who voted in the last four elections. Those are not [TikTok] kids. It was fear of violent protests. This is obvious with the lack of families and children at the rally. We normally have thousands of families.”

That means about 2% of the “legitimate” signups actually attended the rally.

According to the Data & Marketing Association, individuals aged 45–54 have the highest direct mail response rate of 14.1%, which makes me wonder…

If the Orange Julius campaign sent out Valpak coupons for $10 OFF Oil Change! at Robertson Tire, or FREE Clean & Color Seal Any Bathroom with purchase of any project of 150 sq. ft or more from The Grout Guy, would they have attracted a crowd of 42,300?

Maybe this is the new way to campaign.

Considering the Angry Creamsicle and his staffers fell 993,800 short in attendees, this was one of the best uses of social media progressives have ever seen.

Ironically, China’s popular short-form video app Tik Tok has been under scrutiny for instructing their moderators to censor videos that mentioned topics sensitive to the Communist Party.

In early October, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) called for a formal investigation into whether TikTok poses a national security risk.

From the perspective of Republican campaign strategists, Rubio may have been clairvoyant.

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