Unbelievable game, but Vegas just killed all those people betting on the Rams.

  1. I was shocked at how little either team used their fantastic running backs. This really hurt both teams.
  2. Ebukam’s interception was one of the luckiest/craziest plays I’ve ever seen. What are the odds of a tipped ball gently landing on a lineman’s shoulder pad and slowly dropping into the defender’s hands, instead of taking some crazy bounce?
  3. With the Rams up 40–30 and KC starting at their own 9, I thought the Rams could put the game away. The game changed completely with the Chiefs’ 3-play scoring “drive.”
  4. Mahomes throws a better deep ball (45+ yards) than Goff. Goff threw short on a deep ball to Woods that forced him to dive to the turf. If that ball was thrown well, he would have scored easily. On the other hand, the Goff’s final touchdown pass to Everett was still in his range and he threw a perfect pass.
  5. Colin Cowherd made a comment about Mahomes saying that he’s a little too much of a gunslinger, and we saw it in that last forced throw into double coverage. He had a guy on the sideline near the first down marker for an easy first down that would have given them another play or two to get in field goal range.
  6. I was shocked at how little either team used their fantastic running backs. The Rams needed Gurley to get more touches, especially when they were playing with the lead.
  7. Andy Reid draws up the most amazing screen passes of any coach in the NFL. There was one middle screen to the tight end that had player running to every corner of the field.
  8. The Rams defensive line finally showed up, with superb pressure on Mahomes the whole night. If they had play like that in the playoffs, I like their chances against the Saints.
  9. Either Wade Phillips figured out how to use Ebukam properly, or Andy Reid completely screwed up his offensive scheme. The last two weeks, Russell Wilson and Drew Brees absolutely killed Ebukam all game, as he made incorrect reads or didn’t have the discipline to maintain the proper position in his defensive role.
  10. Kansas City’s offense is far scarier than New Orleans. Mahomes, Hill and Hunt are far more explosive than Brees, Karmara and Thomas. With the Chiefs, almost every time their skill players touch the ball it looks like they might score. Also, the Chiefs have a much better tight end. The difference in the two games was that Brees doesn’t look like he will ever make a mistake.
  11. This was the greatest non-playoff game I’ve ever seen.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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