Unless the make the playoffs, I don’t think they will sign Thomas to a long term deal. They have his rights, so if they strike out in the free agent market, they could offer him a nice 1-year deal.

The biggest priority is to sign Randle to a multi-year deal, followed by seeing which of their players with expiring deals will sign reasonable contracts.

I would love to see them resign KCP. He is a big guard who can play off the ball and is the team’s best on-ball defender. That comeback against San Antonio featured Ball, KCP, Randle, Kuzma and Wear switching on every screen so they could contest every 3-pointer shot by the Spurs. If the Lakers could get Paul George, their small ball lineup would be amazing and 7-deep, allowing them to run other teams non-stop: Ball, Ingram, Randle, Kuzma, Hart, KCP, and PG-13.

The 2017 Summer League Championship team needs to be remembered as the real turning point of the Lakers’ franchise: Ingram, Ball, Kuzma, Hart, Zubac, Wear, and don’t forget Alex Caruso and Thomas Bryant. Caruso has proven he is a solid bench player at the NBA level, unlike Ennis and Payton who kill the team when they are on the floor. Along with Zubac, Bryant is being groomed to be part of the tag team that replaces Lopez. Bryant’s an energy guy who can shoot 3’s and protect the rim.

I love the way this team plays together and fights the entire game. They have gained enough experience this season to cut down their turnovers, and their shooting has improved since the New Year. They have show the ability to close out games in the 4th quarter now. And IT fills the role of the one go-to guy when the teams needs scoring off the bench or to hit clutch free throws at the end of the game to preserve a lead.

Let’s hope they can break Portland’s 14-game winning streak tonight.

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