Watch the video and stop it just at the point where McCaw plants his feet to go up for the layup. You will see Carter is a full step away from the play. If Carter was trying to draw a charge, he would have needed to take a step and come to a complete halt. If he had done this, McCaw’s body would have made some contact with Carter’s head and shoulders, which might have slowed down his forward momentum enough to come down with a little more control.

Instead, Carter took a step too late, so McCaw was in the air, then compounded his mistake by shuffling his feet more and turning away with his shoulder. McCaw’s enter body flew over and by Carter except for the one leg that hit Carter’s shoulder. I think that increased his rotational speed, making the play far more dangerous.

I don’t think Carter was trying to do a dirty play. I think this was more about a 40-year-old guy no longer having the body control and reflexes to make the right decision any more. He looked liked the middle aged guy who has no business being on the court because his going to end up hurting someone. In other words, Carter has turned into Zaza.

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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