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A day of mourning for the latest death blow to our democracy

We are closer to overriding the Electoral College than you think…

The National Popular Vote (NPV) Movement needs our help

After reading Todd Hannula 🤓’s public service announcement, which points out that the Electoral College can only be abolished through a Constitutional amendment, I found this really cool movement that I heard about on election night:

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures:

To date, ten states and the District of Columbia have passed NPV bills into law. Maryland and New Jersey passed laws in 2007, Hawaii and Illinois in 2008, Washington in 2009, Massachusetts and D.C. in 2010, California and Vermont in 2011, Rhode Island in 2013 and New York in 2014.

In 2015, 6 states (Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Oregon) have introduced legislation to enact the National Popular Vote. Nebraska’s bill has since died.

NPV currently has 165 electoral votes.

When enough states enact NPV legislation to equal 270 electoral votes, the pledge will go into effect, and we will finally have a truly representative democracy.

So, if you want to do something, start bugging your state representatives to pass NPV in your state. If the five states above enact NPV legislation, the national movement will stand at 215 electoral votes:

Arizona (10), Michigan (16), Minnesota (10), Oklahoma (7), Oregon (7) = 50.

If the people of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania can demand and enact NPV legislation, the tally would be 282 and we will never embarrass this country again with a President who does not win the most votes.

I would hope Americans, regardless of their party would want a system that honors everyones vote, not a handful of undecided people in a few swing states.

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