When I read Stephanie’s open letter, I gave her the benefit of the doubt of being young, stupid, and insensitive. But using her position on that website to publicize her open letter is much worse. Here’s more about Stephanie from an online interview:

“In 2011, Stefanie Williams compiled content from her semi-anonymous blog into a book that relives her most memorable sexual escapades.”

So on top of the white privilege, family support, good breaks, etc. she is attractive and has used her looks to further her career. More than ever, it seems like this attack on Talia is the social media equivalent of Mean Girls.

With regard to Talia, I felt sympathy for her, in spite of some questionable budgetary choices. But you really hit it when you mentioned the credit card charge for moving. I missed how much this speaks of poverty, desperation and some really bad situation she had to escape.

Great job on deconstructing both letters.

Here’s another perspective I hope you’ll check out:

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