Let’s be clear about one thing. I never said once that Kuzma is the better overall player. I have always pointed out that Tatum is the better defensive player.

My only point is that Kuzma is the better offensive player.

I have watched Tatum in big games where he looked really bad. I’ve watched Kuzma play against the best teams in the league and have fantastic offensive games.

What’s tiring is your insistence on saying Tatum is better at everything and then act like you made some deep point by linking to stats that show Kuzma averaged more points, rebounds and assists than Tatum.

Tatum shot better on 3-pointers because he was being fed wide open corner 3’s because opponents were focused on stopping Kyrie Irving. Kuzma was the focal point of the Lakers’ offense and took more contested shots. And Tatum shot a higher percentage of free throws. That’s it. Those are the only offensive statistic where Tatum had the edge.

This year, now that opponents are focused on Tatum as Boston’s primary threat, his 3-point shooting is in the toilet (.292), while shooting .414 FG% and .875 FT%.

Once Kuzma was allowed to play his normal position, his 3-point shooting has started to come back (.346) and he’s shooting .500 FG% and .909 FT%.

That’s the definition of “better” in every single shooting category.

The advanced statistics that favored Tatum last year (Off Rating, Def Rating, etc.) are strongly correlated to the strength and success of the team. Now that the Lakers have an All-Star, Kuzma’s advanced stats will get the same boost that Tatum got last year. And guess what? Kuzma is better in every key offensive advanced stat this year, including Offensive Rating, Offensive Win Share and Offensive Box Plus/Minus:

How does this fit the definition of the phrase “better at everything?”

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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