Wil, you’re good hearted and trying to support feminism, but you’re also sort of being duped, which in turn misleads your legions of followers.

This entire social media sh*t storm is just a distraction from the true danger which was stated so well in this Baffler article (thanks Ernest J. Alcala) by Amber A’Lee Frost, a woman:

The danger here is that in erasing left feminism, consciously or not, progressive media is pitting class against gender — making socialism (or Cold War social democrats, whatever) look sexist to feminists, and making feminism look fucking bourgeois to working people.

Everything about these campaigns is turning into ugly caricatures.

Holly Woods, a young female Sanders supporter is writing enraged posts every few days, saying “Fuck Hillary’s reality,” “How Hillary is Already Complicit with the Next Subprime Real Estate Bubble” or comparing Hillary and the Boomers to Gordon Gekko.

It’s so bad, we’ve even got young feminists claiming that Hillary is not even a feminist. Here’s news for you: this and this and this and this is not only anti-feminist, it’s anti-American.

We cannot create a false equivalency between HRC and the Republicans. For people under the age of 34, you missed out on the last generation who thought there was no difference between the parties. Their apathy, along with a few thousand votes for Ralph Nader gave us the disaster of George W. Bush.

If Bernie does not win the nomination, he will still work like hell to get Hillary elected. You can see that by his refusal to attack her on the GOP’s email witch hunt or the anti-feminist argument because HRC is still associated with Bill Clinton.

On the other hand, let’s examine the ugliness of the Bernie Bros. The fact that they seem to be anonymous internet trolls, or assholes wearing masks is especially troubling on a number of levels:

  1. Sanders has a decided advantage over Clinton among women 18–34
  2. Sanders’ progressive agenda is dedicated to providing equal opportunity for women, minorities, and people of all sexual orientations. Why would there be a subset of male supporters who would go along with this agenda, but turn around and attack the very women Sanders supports?
  3. Who stands to gain from this media circus? Maybe Hillary in the short term, but I see this as a means to create a wedge among the Democratic coalition. If Sanders wins the nomination, and Hillary is lukewarm in her support during the general election, every feminist and minority Clinton supporter who doesn’t vote and work for the general election is another huge step toward a Trump, Cruz or Rubio or Bush presidency.
  4. Is it possible that the Bernie Bros are Republican plants?

This is exactly the same sh*t that happened with Black Lives Matter. The black demonstrators who hijacked speeches by Sanders and O’Malley sent a subliminal message to minority voters: these white guys are no different from the white guys in the other party. So if HRC doesn’t win the nomination, your vote won’t matter.

Keep the campaign positive.

And stay focused on the real sh*t storm ahead — the nastiest, most expensive GOP campaign in history combined with the voter suppression laws designed to disenfranchise minorities, the poor and the young.

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