The Timberwolves got a huge win in getting rid of Wiggins, that’s for sure.

He made basketball miserable for KAT, which created the possibility that their franchise player would leave in response. Now, maybe he will stay.

But does it save the franchise? And from what? Being given to another city? Reabsorbed by the NBA?

Minnesota will still be a terrible defensive team unless Kat develops that part of his game. They look like a bottom-5 candidate next season, and the Pelicans, Grizzlies, Kings and Suns all have young teams with more talent than Minnesota.

The loss of Durant and Igoudala, and the dearth of bench players (who would have guessed that the Warriors would miss Quinn Cook?) turns a weakened champion with some vulnerability into a more entertaining version of the Rockets — the trio of Curry, Thompson and Green will mop the floor with bad teams, but they are going to reach another NBA Finals given the new balance of power in the West.

I do agree that there are a lot of NBA fans who are happy to rub that “light years ahead” nonsense in the Warriors’ faces.

What you didn’t mention is that Jerry West was there to save the Warriors from themselves. (Remember the proposed Kevin Love for Klay Thompson trade?)

The Golden State run has to come to an end, given the ages of Curry and Thompson. Curry will be 33 before the playoffs begin next season. Even if those high draft picks are great players, by the time they develop, Curry will be over the hill.

The Warriors got a $17.2 M trade exception, Minnesota’s 1st and 2nd round picks in 2021, and avoided the repeater tax for 2020 and 2021. They gave up a player who wasn’t staying with the team, an over-the-hill Igoudala (if they kept him, he would be 37 for next year’s playoffs) and a 2024 1st round pick.

No matter how bad Wiggins is, keeping Russell was out of the question.

I think both teams made moves that helped them, even though neither team will be a contender in the future.

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