(Yes, even when they ask you to be their ninja editor. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!)

Normally, I would make a joke here, but there is a big lesson to be learned.

The demons are never going to go away. They will always jabber at you. You didn’t keep them under control or still them when you were with Dan; you were just focused on something good and real and bigger than just you and your ego — your love for another person.

With that kind of focus, you heard their voices like we hear roar of the ocean — a background noise that doesn’t interfere with our conversation at the beach.

For me personally, a couple of saving graces, some outside help and a sh*t ton of suffering allowed me to come to the point where I hear the voices, and, depending on my mood, reply “Yeah, you’re probably right,” or “You’re full of shit” or “Really? I guess we’ll find out after I finish…” and then I just keep doing whatever it is I was doing. The faster I get back to the state of doing, the faster the voices recede into the background noise.

This really needs to be filled out as a complete story. The common threads connect Teddy Roosevelt, Carl Jung, athletic peak performance, and Buddhism. Thrown in some different childhood issues, narcissism and overzealous social activists, and you’ve got an insightful article into the human condition that will receive 9,973 less hearts than a post about the show “Friends.”

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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