Yes, I got your note. It just takes time to sift through each person’s work to find a quote that might work. Sometimes, I’ll see something in their profile, where they are highlighting someone else’s writing, like this morning.

To quote Aura Wilming,

…once your work is out there, it’s no longer about you. Praise or criticism people have on your work has nothing to do with you. They take your work out of the context of your mind, and see how it does or doesn’t fit in the context of their minds. The way they experience it is usually completely different from how you experience it.

Her quote sums up the raison d’être of “The Tao of Blogging,” that no matter how hilarious, quirky or insane a quote taken out of context may seem to one person, there is a completely different, and often profound meaning that can be found by someone else.

And now that I think about it, why wouldn’t I quote other writers while writing the preface or introduction, or whatever thing needs to preceed the quotes?

So how about it, Aura, may I quote you for the requisite author message thingy?

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