Yes, it’s funny. Yes, it has decent production values. But the underlying complaints by the older generation, are no different than what the hippies went through. Or those Godless wastrels who were listening to Frank Sinatra for crying out loud.

Every teenager and twenty-something is self absorbed and dealing with existential crises. But there’s more to it than those age-old developmental cycles.

As an old guy, I’ve written a few times about how the economic system has gradually eroded, going back as far as when Reagan was governor of California and helped destroy the affordability of college for the younger generations. There are some very clear changes in the cost of living that have made it so difficult for younger people to move out, find jobs, and pay off massive college debt.

The humor of the only legitimizes the skewed media portrayal of the way things are, just like how people laugh about the Dean Scream and ignore the media’s character assassination of a man who had vowed only a few days before on national television that he would break up media conglomerates because of their power to control and skew the news.

The current aim of millennial baiting to keep society focused and divided on “us vs. them” issues, which plays into the hands of the rich and powerful who rig the system. That is the whole basis of the Talia Jane millennial vs millennial social media sh*tstorm:

Just imagine if all the Sanders supporters not only voted, but ran for local office? Millenials are the largest voter demographic in the country now, but keep them disillusioned and apathetic and they won’t rock the boat.

Mike, our generation dropped the ball. It’s as simple as that. Why did the white guys who grew up in the 60’s, become Reagan Democrats and now Trump supporters? Our generation lost its idealism and sense of fair play with all the gut punches of the 60’s — JFK, RFK, MLK, Viet Nam. Everyone has conveniently forgotten that the 70’s were the “me” decade and the 80’s were the greed is good” decade. That was our generation lost and going further and further astray.

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