You go girl. The biggest division in our society is how each person reacts to the suffering of others. You’ve had it far tougher than many in facing the financial meltdown and all the other factors that have made life so much more difficult for millennials. But your pain has taught you to become more compassionate. Your response is to create a business that helps people instead of exploiting them.

Stephanie’s pain taught her to want everyone else to suffer as she has. And her response puts her in the same club as anyone, regardless of age, who says “I got mine, so f*ck everyone else.”

As parents, our goal is to teach our children to learn from our mistakes, so that they have a better life. As a society, our goal is to protect our weakest and most vulnerable citizens, and give them the opportunities and training to lift themselves and build a better life.

All of us (aside from the top 1%) are stuck in a system that has been broken for 40 years. It is in the interests of the ruling class to make sure that the clueless Talias (let’s face it, she needs to learn some basic life skills) are attacked by the successful Stephanies and defended by other successful young people like you.

I hope you’ll read my view on how we have all lost sight of the bigger picture. We are completely hypnotized by the media and the false culture it perpetuates. It’s time for millennials to wake up and do something about it through the ballot box, the campaign trail, and even elected office.

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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