You just made me ask myself the question, “has Jon always been a complete idiot?”

  1. He took Tyrion’s advice about owning the term bastard to protect himself from getting hurt. Alliser Thorne only provoked him when he insulted his family.
  2. He took Quorin Halfhand’s advice and became a mole in the Wildlings army.
  3. He did the smartest thing any man could do in that cave with Ygritte.
  4. He lied — LIED!!!! — about the number of men manning the wall at Castle Black. That may be the only lie he ever told in the entire story (except maybe the part about where he learned the Lord’s Kiss).
  5. He knew Ygritte wouldn’t kill him because of their love.
  6. He learned from Karl about fighting dirty, and killed the Thenn with a hammer.
  7. He made the right decision (from a strategic and political standpoint) to let the Wildlings through the wall, and was saved by the Wildlings and Wun Wun a couple of times.
  8. He begged Mance Rayder to bend the knee to Stannis, arguing that one man’s pride should not be the reason thousands of lives could be lost. (A piece of advice thrown back in his face by Daenerys in the second of three caves.)
  9. He let Samwell go to the Citadel, because Sam would gather invaluable knowledge (like the 17,582 shits taken by that Maester who chronicled the Lyanna-Rhaegar wedding).
  10. He gave Sansa the rule in the North when he went to Dragonstone, knowing she would be a wise leader.
  11. He convinced Daenerys to sail with him to show the people solidarity (as well as some other side benefits).

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