You know, the funny thing about my prediction was that the game started out exactly like a typical Seattle game — the Rams start fast but settle for two field goals. Then they get a huge punt return and score a touchdown to go up 13–0, but get stopped on 4th and 1 on the next drive, instead of kicking a field goal to go up by three possessions, and I thought “oh no, here we go again.”

Even when they got up 20–0, I thought that Wilson could score 24 points and Seattle could win by 4. (I hesitated between predicting 24–20 and 17–13 as I wrote my article.)

But when they scored that touchdown to go up 27–0, I finally relaxed.

Although the Rams played great, everything that I predicted could go wrong for Seattle did: losing the turnover battle, giving up big plays on special teams, the defense finally wrapping up Wilson when they had the chance for a sack, and Seattle’s players losing their cool during the game.

Did this game really pass the torch? Or will Seattle come back strong next year?

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