You make some really interesting points here. Internet courses provide significant opportunities for accelerated learning, as well as giving kids who may have struggled in high school a second chance at gaining some college general education credits in order to gain admittance a university.

However, there are three problems with completely abandoning our current college system:

  1. For-profit online colleges have been a breeding ground for scandals and scams.
  2. The vast majority of people need the security, structure and imposed direction of traditional brick and mortar schools in order to function. There is a reason only 14% of working age Americans are starting or running a new business — very few of us are self-starters who can tolerate risk and uncertainty.
  3. For teenagers and young adults, it is imperative to develop social skills, experience completely different perspectives, learn how to work as a team, and be put into situations outside of ones comfort zone. The proximity of a diverse group of people can facilitate unanticipated interactions that may result in life changing transformations. These benefits are impossible in a fully self directed online experience.

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